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We singed up with Direct Tv with the promise from them that we would receive Internet through Verizon. When the Direct Tv service was installed we called Verizon to get our Internet service started.

They told us that they do not offer Internet in our area. We called Direct Tv and they said sorry but there is nothing they can do AND that if we cancel with them they will charge us a $450 cancellation fee......... We have been working with them for 2 weeks on this issue and it was now gone to the BBB.

Stay away from this company!!! Anyone that does not stand behind what they offer or say is not worth it.....

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all the direct tv subscribers should band together like what happen at bank of america'

we should demand that we should be able to pick the channels of our choice from a list of channels availible and don't cram a bunch of music channels I could care less about. Of cost this would have to be a reasonably charge and not stick it to us. Also direct tv should offer the same package at a lower rate for senior citizens on a fixed income.

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