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Had Direct TV on my new TV. Within 2 weeks my first HDMI Port went bad.

6 months later lost my second port. The Tech said "yeah it could be the box or maybe lightning." He said ain't no way direct tv is going to fix your TV you can try but you are spinning your wheels. They refused to accept responsibility (as expected). I then tried to save my last port by cancelling service.

The cost to repair is 315 and the Visio repair company said it was the box destoying my ports but would not put that in writing. HELP!

They then hit my account for 260 after I told them they were no longer allowed to access my account. I tried explaining that they could not force me to keep their service if it is destroying my personal property. You can imagine how sympathetic they were.

Considering small claims court?

Any knowledge is appreciated! Thanks, Jason

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