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I have had services with Direct Tv for aprox 16 years. Their service was getting so expensive that we couldn't afford it any more.

We canceled it. As soon as we did they got into my bank just before christmas and took my christmas money! Almost $300.! They even charged me for a box they already had!

I have been fighting for my monry for about 2 months now. They then proceeded to tell us that after I complained that they put the money back! LIES!

They never put my money back in the bank. I actually had the manager at my bank do a thee way call with ditect tvs manager to prove that they never gave my money back, THEY WOULDN,T ADMIT THEY NEVER GAVE IT BACK!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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DTV is trying to charge you for something,it may be that it is the box you sent back to them as they often try to charge the customer saying they did not get it.Do you have proof you sent their equipment back? a tracking#?

It is good that you filed with the BBB you can also file with the FTC and Attorney General but chances are slim in them answering your complaint as they get so many of them.You might want to look into the Arbitration process and correspond with DTV only through Email that way you have proof of what is said. Good Luck


I was out of contract and didn't own for abox as they already had it! By the way the bank manager said that they are doing this all the time now and I am not the only one!

They already filed their petition with Direct tv. I already waited the 31days for them to reply. No reply. So now it is with the Bbb.

Also they are saying they gave the money back to me. I have a bank statement that proves otherwise. They also have billed me a second time for the money they already took! Not only that but they have a collection agency on my behind!

For money they already took!

And as for Duh, not everyone lies and I don't like your innuendos.

You might give a person a chance. I am a SHAMAN and lying isn't what I would do.


The comment she posted says she'd had the service for 16 years, not that she still had a contract. Is there no chance she was a month to month customer at that point?

I have cable and was interested in satellite and was reading to see consistencies in complaints.

Who says she skipped out on a contract? I don't know her, but I do think that your comment is rude and uncalled for...


Did you have any equipment replaced within the past year? if so they are probably using this as an excuse to say you entered into a new contract.You might ask your bank if they will let you dispute this and replace your money. Correspond with DTV by Email only this gives you proof of what they tell you.Ask for Arbitration to settle this.


Branch manager's at banks wouldn't deal with your tiny issue. Lie.

You owed DTV lots of money because you signed a contract and then backed out of the contract at your own will. You will never get the $ back.

You owed it, now the debt is paid, be happy.

And don't sign contracts when you don't have the money to back them up. It's rude.

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