My neighbor worked for direct tv for about a month drove their van that he had for about a week drunk on a regular basis like it was his private vehicle. Drove it into our other neighbors back yard drunk one night was arrested because he almost ran us all over and jumped out with a knife because he was " having a bad night" , He now just got another job with a company that subcontracts for direct tv...so if you have direct tv watch out.

They hie and rehire losers and let them into your house. When he got the job the 1st time it was on the 2nd urine test in which he used his 10 yr old step daughter urine at the suggestion of his boss. Pretty shady outfit.

I would never do business with them again. If you live in upstate NY watch out who you let in your house.Trying to actually get in touch with an actual person at direct tv is an absolute joke so I will just put the warnng out there this way.

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