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A 91-year old woman in Fort Collins, CO (my mother) had direct TV installed and after the first snow storm the picture was lost. She called and they said she needed to go out and brush off the satellite dish.

She said she was 91 and used a cane and could not go out in the snow. They told her to find someone else to do it. She said she lived alone and this would not work for her so please cancel her contract. They would not let her out of her contract and stuck her for $240.00.

She is mad as *** and fighting these pathetic losers.

Dan Clinton

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $240.

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That is terrible. The president of this company has absolutely no morals.

What a worthless company. They took me as well after 14 years. Try a Clear Wave 4 antenna and pay only once for service, it will pick up most channels within a 65 mile radius, I think it is great. I also have a wireless router and bought a ROKU and I am able to watch movies, etc.

for a monthly wireless internet fee. I am in Minnesota and have not had to clean any snow off of my antenna.


The sad truth is these bastards will take advantage of anyone whether it be a child or an elderly person. I would be concerned about her bank account or credit card they have on file.

If possible get these #'s changed or close her account and open a new one and get a prepaid card for their files. DirectTV would not hesitate to wipe out her bank account if given the chance and them having her account# gives them the right to do that.


No where in the contract does it mention any maintenance requirements, i.e. clearing snow.

I neglected to mention that key point. She'll likely win if she pursues the matter legally.


Your wrong the contract does say maintance is the customer duty, if she is too old to sign a contract maybe she needs someone to manage her affairs too old to sign/read a contract too old to live alone

@dtv billing supervisor

Yes, but they have "Policies" that are not written, like we'll waive the cancellation fee if you sign up for two more years, c'mon their crooks.


You are missing the point daughter.It does not matter how old you are,A contract is a contract.And your mom has to pay to end the contract just like everyone else that end's their contract early.Actually i do not know why you are complaining.Directv explains their agreement with you before you enter into the contract with them.Evidently you did not take the time to assist your mom in this contract or You yourself did not do a very good job in understanding the agreement with Directv your self.The blame lies with your mom not Directv.


How in the *** can you live with yourself??


Wow, is this how you would feel if it was your mother/grandmother. They are out of control and have unwritten "policies" that a manager at Direct TV just told me about not more that an hour ago. They are crooked rotten and you can take that to the bank, or your job at Direct TV!


So, your mother lives all alone in this world. YOUR MOTHER.

Hmmm. Can you go brush it off? Can you find a local service that will? Can't blame this on the company.

What are they supposed to do?

Send out a fleet of dish sweepers everytime it snows? In Fort Collins!


For what they charge for service, why not?