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DIRECT TV....MY ADVICE....KEEP SHOPPING>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

TERRIBLE customer service,

DVR recorder is not working after trying and getting frustrated for not being able to reach a "real" person..I finally was able to reach someone in TEXAS??? I reside in GEORGIA!!!

She stated that she would mail me another DVR..mail me another DVR from TEXAS?? How long will that take?? Don't know but they will give me a tracking number so I can track it online.(what about the customer with out a computer? Do they spend all day on the phone trying to find out where their receiver is?)

What DO I do until it comes? Am I going to get a credit for the time I am without it? or for the frustration and inconvenience experienced in the process??

Am I going to have to do the same as before when first got the service and the installer sucked and did not make sure the equipment worked? Another receiver was mailed ..but went to the wrong address.. That whole incident was so frustrating. It took FOREVER for that mess to get straight and I think I am still paying tooo much..

I am tired of the poor quality of service and the outrageous prices..

looking into what I need to do to cancel service and kicking them to the curb and recommending you do the same..

Yeah I am a nice person and took their *** for awhile now...Tired of being Direct TV's door mat!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

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Please remove me from isconsinmailing addresses. Thank you.

My is 307 West Pine str Spencer Wisconsin 54479. Jim


Good luck you will be their doormat until your contract is up or you buy out of it!! Yes you are over charged and so am I.