Kalama, Washington

Direct TV's cancellation of FOX TV is pretty much all about money. Well I do believe they won't get much more of mine.

I am going to do like many did with NET FLICKS - cancel or change providers. Perhaps Dish Network would be a better choice. HD is no good without stations. I cancelled my Dish Networks account but it looks like it is time to go back.

Direct TV will understand they have made a mistake when consumers speak with their pocket books. My pocket book is soon to close on Direct TV.

Fox provides too many excellent programs to miss. Direct TVs loss is Dish Networks gain.

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Seriously people! They cancel the station right in the middle of American Idol!!!!!!! Not cool!


I'm really not sure why you all are complaining about Direct TV being the bad guy. Fox/Tribune is trying to charge for a channel that is supposed to be free. As far as I'm concerned, Fox/Tribune can kiss my butt and I don't plan on watching that channel again regardless of what is on.


fox 13 is my favorite channel if i don\'t get it back very soon i will change providers


I will soon be changing service if i don't get fox back


If FOX doesn't. Come back on-line line by tomorrow someone will have the pleasure of me telling them where they can shove the dish on my roof.

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