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We recently made the mistake of switching from Cox to Direct TV. Biggest mistake ever! After the first tech installed the dish wrong and only two of the three receivers only, he told me to call his cell after I had Cox move their wire to my main tv to the attic. Turns out it was a lie, there was nothing for Cox to do. So I called their customer service, mind you at this point I still had no service on my main TV, they told me they would charge me $49 to move the dish to a correct place. Then when that tech came, he moved the dish but still did not install the receiver on my main TV (something about that action not being in his work order). So a week later I still couldn't watch TV but was paying for it. They sent a third tech, who refused to talk to their customer service - who I had called because he too wanted to charge me yet another $49 bucks. After much arguing he finally installed my main TV. I had taken 3 days off work at this point! Two weeks later, and I finally had service, two $49 charges being pushed on me. Then I realize I can't pause the TV...look online and realize that they had installed the main receiver (the one that records) on the guest room not the main room. So, I call them and ask them to come fix the issue. I escalated all the way up to their Manager Vlessa who refused to give me her last name. She continued to push how I should just move the services myself, do my own install, if I didn't want to pay another $49. She said she understood it was done wrong, but that she had to charge me and wouldn't waive the fee.

Worst customer service ever! Vlessa who lied and told me it was company policy not to give out employees last names, and who refused to give me the name or email of her superior, was rude, and chuckled when I told her I would be writing to management and posting a review.

Direct TV has the worst customer service ever! the worst installation service ever! At this point I would go back to Cox but they will charge me a ton if I cancel before the 2 year. This is truly entrapment! Did I mention that last week when it rained in VA, services went out?? it was rainnnn not even a storm!


Review about: Directv Installation.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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