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Let me first say I am happy with Direct TV reception and selection. That aside the third party they employ to install and service the units is another matter.

Now we have 2 units in the main residence and wanted to add a third unit in our garage apartment. I paid Direct TV $177.00 for this third unit which I thought was far to much but did. I told Direct TV this unit would be installed in the garage apartment BEHIND THE MAIN RESIDENCE , The installer did come by and knocked on my door but I did not hear him, so he left. Did he try to contact the man who was waiting in his garage apartment NO!!!

They did call me on my satellite phone which is connected to my computer which was off so I did not receive this call, if I was told they could call me on my land line I would have be informed about the installer outside. Our house is large so a knock on the door at times can not be heard. I called the service company up and ask them if the 67 year old renter could sign for the installation the *** on the phone said NO I had to be the one to sign. I had to pick up my step dad so I told them to cancel the order as I could not be in two places at once.

When I got back I then called Direct TV and they told me that the renter could sign for the Installation. Since it was now late being after 4:00PM they could not install the next day it would have to be 2 days from now.

Direct TV is currently running a campaign to get your friends to sign up with Direct TV --In light of this Installation horror story I will be participate. Direct TV better revisit to way their customers are taken care of by these companies they farm out to service their customers!!!

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The problem isnt with Directv. They have contract installers and marketing installers.

The contractors are held to directv policies and the marketing installers are not, they are held to the marketing companies policeies. I worked for one and they would not allow anyone but the customer sign the contracts because they get fined if its a fraudulent account. The directv contractors are allowed to deal directly with directv and they will allow anyone 18 years of age that resides there to sign the contract. As a contract installer I see problems almost daily with the marketing installers.

This is why we spend most of out time on service calls. For instance, we have quality control techs follow up on our installs and fine us if they find mistakes. Marketing installers have no quality control and just throw up the dish.

Tell your friends that sign up to call directv for there service and not use marketing companies that you see in walmart, costco, etc. Call directv and you will get an installer that is controlled by directv.


A lot of people have found that DTV's "Specials" are simply Scams to attract new customers with DTV not following through with their promises because their conditions are so vague that very few people actually qualify. My Opinion is: "True Friends Do Not ask Friends to sign up for DTV"

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