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I ordered my first Direct TV services over the web recently and agreed upon a 'web site' accepted installation appointment schedule. The reality, is that I now want to entirely 'cease and desist "any and all" association with this Direct TV service, especiallyafter my initial customer service contact (and I'm not yet a viable service delivery customer)!!!

As a "Consumer", I reserve the 'right to walk' and will certainly inquire about my basic requirements and expectations (once), however I will silently reject these imposed service support limitations and 'move on' to another vendor solution at my discretion. Within a 0-100% scale, I rate my personal and initial experience with Direct TV within the very low single digit level (and may include their executive board members within this Response).

A 'business relationship' that will never, ever happen... Regards, A "Non-Perspective" Customer...

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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On Sept 18th I put in a call for an install move in mid October. I have been a DTV customer for many years and have had nothing but great product and service- HOWEVER - on the day on the new install my wife and I both got messages saying we are scheduled this day between 12 -4

approx 2 pm- we both get a text saying we are not forgotten- they will arrive shortly

that evening at 6pm - no install- no phone call- I called 3 800 numbers (and approx 1 hour of frustration) and I was finally told they would have to reschedule due to a lack of manpower and the next available date would be 10-24 (10 days later)-it is now 10-24,,, they have not showed up- didn't bother to call ( oh but we did get the two massages as before- not forgotten- on the way)- so for the same reason as before they want to now schedule this next attempt for Nov 3rd after I had to call them- why should I continue with this NON- service- hey work overtime- whatever- I am the customer- remember I put in the request in Sept 18th- was there a plague ?

a mass shooting? did a bunch of guys quit all at once ? Why did I have to chase this down? -You knew there was a problem but did nothing about it- do you think this is acceptable ?

What would you think? What would you do?

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