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Direct TV scheduled installation between 12-4 pm on 8/16/08. The appointment was confirmed by two phone calls and one e-mail.

At 2 p.m. on 8/16/08, I reconfirmed the appointment. Just 82 minutes later I received a call to inform me the appointment would not be met. The representative hung up on me.

I called customer service, faced lengthy periods on hold, endured three different agents all in an attempt to cancel any further installation and obtain a refund of monies expended. One agent suggested I should admire the installer for having the initiative to call me to inform they would not be showing up. He then said he was sure I sometimes was late for an appointment, to which I said that does not happen. He then questioned my integrity as not being honest in this assessment.

Now I must restore cable service, continue attempts to reclaim monies expended and I am left with some telephone jacks that I paid for that will be of no further use.

Review about: Directv Installation.

Monetary Loss: $353.

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I have been experiencing the same types of problems with Direct TV as well. First they called to schedule a time to come out and upgrade our system, their decision not ours as far as we were concerned everything was working just fine.

Then the day they were to show up they called and asked about rescheduling because we had cancelled we never cancelled.

They then showed up this past Monday, 8/11, and the *** technician changed out the one receiver in our family room and said that was all he needed to do nothing else and that everything worked and left. When I got home I found out that the other tv's in the house no longer work something about a switch on the receiver or something. I spent 2 hours on the phone with their incredibly incompetent customer service department just to be told that they would have to send someone out to fix it and that they could have someone out on Monday a week later. This of course did not go over well so I asked to speak to a supervisor who promised me she would have someone out the next day.........that didn't happen after additional calls the best they could do was Sunday.

So we have waited an entire week for them to send out a technician only to be called this morning at 7:15am on a Sunday to be told that the technician called in sick and wouldn't be out until tomorrow. More yelling until I asked to speak to a manager which they told me there isn't one which I know is a lie and when I called them on it they gave me a lead, Tiffany #2T1 or something I'm sure the name and number are incorrect but whatever. She was the rudest person I've ever had to deal with. She doesn't care how long I have to wait for service or if I cancel.

Perhaps they receive their bonus' based upon the number of clients they lose or people they anger.

I am so upset now that I will be posting my frustration all over the internet and changing to comcast or some other provider immediately. They suck and they worst part about it is they just don't care!

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