Waipahu, Hawaii
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So pissed at Direct TV. We weren't paying attention to where the guy was installing the dish (which is 4' wide).

He placed it right in front of the kitchen window, which had views of Downtown Honolulu and the ocean. When I called Direct TV and asked that they send them back out to move the dish over 8' they said we would have to pay $50. What kind of *** puts a huge dish in front of a view like that. They called the installation company and their reply was "that was the only area that the technician could get a signal from." What a crock.

We have a flat garage roof, with open sky.

He was just lazy and didn't want to carry the dish and cement blocks any further than the edge of the roof. Needless to say we wont be recommending Direct TV to anyone, because of this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Installation.

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Your fault for not paying attention


A non penetrating mount dead weight, no screws can only be put in certain locations, period. That may indeed be the only place for line of sight and mount sled.

I agree its was your responsibility to loosely observe the situation and object. I hope you don't complain about the lousy steak at the restaurant after you finished it.

They typically follow up with a quality visit.


I did specify where to put the dish, on the other side of the roof. And no, I couldn't stay out there watching them, I was looking after my two small kids. And YES it is a 4' wide dish, which is what is standard for Hawaii, due to the Hawaii's location.


"we were not paying attention". Look in the mirror..."we" is the problem.

If you don't specify that the location is a problem (the subject of what constitutes a wonderful view is subjective), how is the installer to know that you object? I can't believe that at some time during the installation you didn't notice this OBVIOUS blocking of your much desired, all-important perfect view? Also, a 4 foot dish? The largest they make is an oval dish (yours is round) which is 32 inches wide.

Your dish is the standard 26 inch wide dish. Instead of blaming the provider, take some responsibility for your own actions.

YOU were there, not Direct TV customer service! :cry

@Caveat Emptor

Shut up caveat emptor, your probably one of the *** installers! Anyone with any common sense would not put it in front of a window! Regardless of the view!


The sad thing is,they will not remove the dish even when your contract is up,you will have to pay someone or do it yourself.I have their horrible eyesore dish on my house and I have not had service for over two years and I have found out that by removing the dish I will have to replace part of my roof.


So you didn't pay attention.....how is that someone else's fault. Heck let me come to your house and install something.....while you aren't paying attention to me maybe i will pick all your flowers and take all your silverware.