Service rep promised we would save all this money by switching to them. Had this new dvr receiver that was just coming out we could get for just any extra $100 instead of the normal $300.

We would have on demand and since they are the largest TV satellite provider that interuptions due to weather would not be an issue. Well they installed on Sat March 17 installer gave no help on instructions said to read book. By the next day we had no service and our phones were out. What ever he did for on demand took out our phones.

We were able to unhook that and get phones back. Called to get a tech back out and it was 8 days later. We have no TV for over a week and it is March madness. Thank goodness our team was out!

New tech was very good and re-did almost all of what original guy did. On Sunday April 16 we loose most of channels except local stations. Called in tried a few things for them but nothing worked So scheduled for tech to come out again ----- it will be the next weekend. On Monday we have lost ALL channels.

So here we are another full week NO TV no service. Video on demand still does not work, never has Oh and if their equipment stops working we have to pay to repair or replace it unless we take out service agreement for $89 year and you have a 2 year agreement. We had requested the 1st day after install they just pick up equipment and refund our $100. Nope could not cancel without penalty and they do not charge the $100 for that dvr receiver.

That is something the secondary vendor did. The people that signed us up wer e not Direct TV but a vendor for them. They were set up in Sam's Club with all the paperwork and signage and nobody would know differently unless you know to ask.(who would unless you have been scamed before) So our advise is stay away - run if Direct TV tries to get you to sign up.

You will have a 50-50 chance of it working for you. 2 out of 4 weeks for service really stinks!!!!!

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