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Middle of sept. 2010 I canceled my direct service and sent the equipment back (they got it) on 9/18 statement, a final bill of $1 amount due and paid it - 9/25 statement, shows $83.09 credit no payment due - 10/18 statement, $84.09 credit no payment due - 11/18 statement, shows a Programming Adjustment on 11/15 for $244.09 less the credit leaving $160.00 amount due - I recieved this statement on 11/22 so I called, only to find out it went to a collection agency on 11/19 three days before I recieved the statement - I went as far as I could by phone only to find out that they did'nt know why the statements were incomplete, there was no one else to talk to and "the accounting office is just a Big Machine that prints out statements" - I guess the machine opens my envelopes and enters in the data too - what kind of Programming Adjustment for $244.09 could I have recieved with no service and no equipment for 2 months - I'm in collection over a bill I never recieved and all they can say is "thats unfortunate for you" - Is there no one to talk to - How can we stop this company from being a legal bully - Retired Jim with no Christmas this year - Thanks -

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $160.

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You can write a letter to the collection agency and dispute the charges with them. They, within a reasonable amount of time have to show proof of said charges. If it is true about Direct TV not having complete statements as to the charges, the collection agency will have to stop attempting to collect.


Write to your state's attorney general and tell them your story. They'll kick Directv's butt.

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