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i am being charged over 169. because I did not turn off my services after 6month suspension.

they never told me that if I suspend and dont call I will be charged. They said they will charge my credit card whether I approve of it or not. i havent used diect tv in 9 month

i feel they will do anything to get money. arent we in a recession.

they called to say i owed money but not to say my acct was going off suspension.i only get courtesy calls when they want to collect monies for services never used.there notes say i wanted suspension but i have comcast so why would i want to risk this. there is no talking to these people. i cant believe they can use my credit card without my approval. i will sue them if they do because i made it clear that i do not approve of this.

isnt this a recession.

why would they pursue this when i am on disability. why should they get money for nothing

Monetary Loss: $169.

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how *** to complain about something like this I mean really, if you suspend ANYTHING what makes you think that its not going to turn back on??? So let me guess you must have had a commitment left on the account and you suspended your services to advion the early cancelation fee and now you feel as if you dont own any money because he you furfilled your commitment right????

WRONG you did not furfill anything, your 12, 18 or 24 month comitment meant for PAYING SERVICES FROM YOU!!! Directv even sends you out a letter letting you know that your services are going to be reinstated automatically. You didnt call to change this so how are they to know that you are not actually using the services, just because you ignore something it doesn't mean its going to go away. Sueing directv for this will be very *** on your behalf because trust me they are covered on this one you are just going to waste your money and they're lawyers are going to make you look like and ***, which in my opinion you probably are.

You are right it is a recession, this means that companies must protect themselves to.

Oh so now you think directv is the bad guy because YOU made the choice to go somewhere else and suspend your account instead if diconnecting, and Directv sent you a letter letting you know that the services were being turned on and you failed to call them untill you started getting the collection calls??? Oh you poor baby, READ THE STUFF COMPANIES SEND YOU WOULDNT HAVE PROBLEMS!!!! What if that was a letter letting you know that you needed to return the equipment or you would have owed the the $300 for that???

If you dont do what you have to for your best interests then its your fault.

By the way I was a directv customer for years and once I can afford it I will be back because they do the best they can to keep their customers informed, and they do have the best services. Its really not their fault that people are absolute *** and refuse to keep themselves informed.