Saint Paul, Minnesota

I agree with others that Direct Tv is nothing but *** and has shady business practices. Each time they come out and work on a problem be very careful because if they put in different equipment it extends your contact without anything in writing.

I have had multiple issues with my HD Service and had my received replaced and all of a sudden I am 2 years out again.

I myself am trying to get out of the contract and will tell everyone I know to NOT go with Direct tv becuase they will certainly be very sorry; I know I am.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Horrible company. I've had to call customer service multiple times for wrong billing.

They sent me stuff that I never ordered (and was addressed to someone else) and they expected that I'd return it AT MY EXPENSE. Raised the bill without any notice in spite of the contract. Claimed I signed an agreement that I didn't sign (I have the agreement without my signature on the line they claimed I signed.) Now we're having tornadoes in the area so it would be really convenient to be able to watch the local station for warnings but the service keeps cutting out BECAUSE IT'S RAINING!!! Do NOT do business with these idiots.

Sadly they're the only option in this part of the world since cable doesn't come to this area and we're too far from stations for over the air. 10 months until the contract is up.

It would almost be worth it to pay the penalty and cancel but, like I said, no other TV options here. SIGH...


This shows how *** in the head directv is, I turn the tv on to watch a recorded movie on the DVR. When i hit the list button on the remote it says "DVR service is not activated on your account........" I have never been late on a payment for over 5 years.

All the *** do that work for directshit is sit in a *** cubical and play *** computer games when thier suppose to *** work. The techs arent bad but the *** that dispatch the *** work are as worthless as a piece of ***. There like mentally retarded clowns that didnt work for the circus. Thats all directv is, a majorly *** derailed piece of *** circus full of mentally retarded clowns.

***, a *** monkey could do a better job then them.




Bait and switch is their game. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR DIRECT TV.

Horrible service Horrible set up HORRIBLE COMPANY. We signed up and then in the contract they lowered the type of receivers they were going to send out. Place the wrong name on the contract....HORRIBLE! NOT WORTH IT.

We did this to get AMC! HORRIBLE COMPANY


Direct TV is ***!!! They have the WORST Business Practice and I will make sure I will tell all my friends and relatives NOT TO BUY DIRECT TV SERVICE!


Direct Tv has the worst businesses practices I have ever dealt with. They rob you of your money by putting hidden rules within the fine print.

If you ever have to move and you can not get service from the patio but your apartment complex will not let them put it on the roof, you pay $250. If you have ever used a card to pay your Direct TV bill they will then at the end of your contract charge your card the final balance and the $250, without even sending you a bill or notifying you. They will also post the payment to your account on a Friday night at midnight so there is nothing you can do to stop it. At the same time when you call to explain your situation to the supervisor he will try and talk to you as if you were a child.

During my time with direct tv as a service provider I had no problems but as soon as they were losing me as a customer (because my apartment complex will not let them put it on the roof and run 5 stories down to my apartment) they completely flipped a switch.

I am writing this because I hope if you are reading this you think twice about purchasing Direct Tv, this is by far the worst experience I have ever had with a provider of any service. Overall I would say choose any company but Direct TV.


DTV has gone down hill, loosing me as a customer :(

I have 3 rec, 2 HD units I purchased. I also had a CBS waiver that was just removed because (so they say) one of the HD units can get local HD.

Never mind the other 2 can not. They just want to lock you in to another 24 month term for replacing a rec that I PURCHASED! They are ***!

I will go to cable and never go back -- after 12 years. DO NOT BUY DIRECT TV SERVICE!

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