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i called complaining about loosing signal evryday, and sometims all day, they cant even help me, they offered no discount on bill but they want their money every month, smdh. im about to close my account with them and get a real cable company, because Direct is a JOKE. Direct costumer service had the nerver to ask me at the end of our comvasation (did i help you ok) *** not, my tv is still not working.

i not only have to worry about tv not working in bad weather , but just in general.

Derect please get it togather now.

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I had been a Direct TV customer until yesterday, when I cancelled my service. The reasons are numerous!!!

No service when there is a storm, previous credits no longer apply, so price keeps going up even though I had a 2 year contract. But the CRUSHING BLOW is that they will NOT remove the dish from my roof .... it is MY responsibility. What a bunch of BS.

I would not recommend Direct TV to ANYONE, stay away from that NON-customer service company!!!!! h :sigh

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