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Direct tv is the biggest scam out there. They get you signed up for a cheap price thru some second hand group, you give them your credit card to make billing easy and they totally rob you!

i signed up for $45 a month service they installed the next day (put holes thru the roof!) but I never received a rebate because the "dude" who I spoke to had the wrong email address. I was starting a new job, have 5 young kids and just really crazy busy! Because it was on an auto pay I didn't look at my bill for a few months when I did!!!! I found out they charged me over $150 each month.

They said I was supposed to send in a "rebate" to get the agreed upon price but now it was too late(by 7 days!)! Oh and by the way if I want to cancel then they will charge my credit card on file $340 for an early term fee. I talked to some *** who said... " I have kids at home, I work and I still manage to look at my bills" .

Unbelievably horrible service! I did finally work it out that time through the termination dept who "escalated" my acct and refunded my fees. I walked away feeling a bit better but each month they add the fees back in and I end up having to call back over ad over again. Each time I spend, no joke, at least an hour trying to work it out.

Today they finally said I was simply out of luck and they were not going to refund my money. But hey they would "welcome me back at any time"! I should owe only $51 but they want me to pay $24 plus the $150 each month. I said forget it!


Time warner looks awesome (and cheap) compared to Direct TV. A horrible business!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Rebate.

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I can relate to you and your problems,I too had problems with DTV. You can dispute the amount if they have charged your credit card but you may have to close the account to prevent them from recharging.

As far as Time Warner goes call them as ask if they have a "buy back program" some cable compainies do.If so they will give you 3 free months of cable to sign up with no contract.This will give you time to get the mess straightened out with DTV. Do tell everyone you know Not to get DirectTV!