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Signed up for direct TV last night 8/16/2011. Passed credit check and got approved in minutes.

Paid $21.50 to have my equipment shipped. The next day they cancelled my order. Saying someone else who lived at the house had an outstanding balance several years ago and that it is their policy not to provide service for that house. Even though it was not me.

They declined me as a customer. What a joke. How can they approve me and make me pay for shipping and the next day decline. That is ridiculous and unacceptable for a company.

I had nothing to do with the prior tent, and they are making customers suffer accross the country. If Direct TV does not modify their polocies they will lose customer on a daily basis. A buisness is about customers. I have never had any issues with Direct TV in the past, but to have a policy like that in place will surely upset a lot of people.

I called to get the credit for shipping on my credit card. I had to be trasferred serval times and I was finally prompted to leave a voice message. Are you kidding me.

It takes them 10 seconds to answer a telephone if you want to sign up but when it comes to getting a refund. It has become a nightmare.

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Be thankful they canceled you,every time you get a little thunder cloud signal is lost. When you call customer service they will tell you it will be five to six days before you get a teck. to fix problem.

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