Direct tv never told me about contract never ends until 2015 . I had a very bad tech the same one come back twice.

he was rude and never would climb under the house. it is a mobile home just was put on the spot. also for my in convince they said they would give me a free box they never told me it would extend my contract.

a agent told me what buttons to push. I never understood it would extend my contract.

so I am pissed Direct tv lied. I will can't stand this company.

when I first got direct tv they lied they put ever package on me. that I didn't want it took several phone calls to get them to make it right.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

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It all depends on the techs, most seem to be third party hired and don't seem to care. And when it comes to contracts you are supposed to have three verifications for it, one through the rep, one through third party verification, and last through the tech who comes to your home which is why you need someone over the age of 18 there.


DirectTV does NOT always tell the customer they are locked in a 2 year contract and they certainly DO NOT tell the customer that acceptance of ANY new equipment to replace any they have will extend their contracts.If they told the customer this there would be far less customers of DTV. The biggest thing I'd worry about if I were a DirectTV customer is my bank or credit card they have on file.


First of all i have never known Directv to ever go under anyone's house.Second of all you choose your own package Directv does not choose your package for you.So it looks like the problem is within your not knowing what you are doing.And Directv always informs their customers that you are in a contract for a certain period of time.Did you not read your agreement before you signed on with Directv everyone has to read and Accept the agreement.Or better still can you read at all?


Work for Direct TV long?


Connie is 100 percent wrong. I no longer have directv but I use to and they definitely crawled under my house in the crawl space.

Why do people spout out lies? Wonder if it makes them feel smart?