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They tell you one price but when you get your bill it is a different story. We all need to do something about them and there services.

They also lie about all the movie channels you get as well I hate them. The DVR somtimes will not play the movies you recorded at times.

I would like to know if there is any way to get them to refund our money for the false advertisement of the all the movies they say they offer. They also want to charge you a fee for cancelling your service and they are just as pricey as time warner cable TV.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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DirectTV has complaints about their devious behaviour going back for years and years and no one has done anything yet,Attorney Generals do file a few class action law suits once in a while and DirectTV has to pay millions but the customers never see a penny and DTV promises to do better but they continue to do the same old thing.Our elected officials continue to turn a blind eye and do nothing.a lot of the banks and credit card companies get kick-backs from DTV.the BBB and the FTC get so many complaints that they do not even bother answering and when I see DirectTV selling their services to customers in Best Buy,Walmart and Sams Club,I get sick to my stomach because I know these people are getting ripped off.they only thing I know is to tell everyone you know not to get DirectTV.

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