From the very begining I have had problems with them. For an entire year I was being charged fees for services I did not receive.

And when I called to complain they act like oh well too bad. The commercials advertise that you can record and play from any room, which you are charged for monthly for by the way, in my experience that is a total lie. The second receiver had never been able to record or access the recorded programs and I paid an extra fee for this ability for an entire year. For the first three months of service I couldn't even download or access the On Demand of whatever they call it, even though I had called Direct TV three times for help.

Each time I called I was told something different, I was even told that I would have to buy another reciever for $100 and pay an extra $100 for an installation fee. Luckily I called back and talked to someone who with in a minute sent the right signal to my reciever. Then the wind blew and I was paying for HD channels that did not come in, they had to send someone to reallign the satellite (a fee of $100 if your are past your first 6 months of service. Three services I was being charged extra for montlhy that I did not recieve, and I was never recompensated by Direct TV.

The bill increases each month even when my services do not change. When I call Direct TV they will tell me one thing, break the bill down detail by detail, give me a total price and then when the actual bill comes in it is something completly different and a lot higher. The customer service is HORRIBLE. They give you absolutley no help at all and treat you like you should be happy they are even taking your call.

My advice is to stay far far away from Direct TV. Pay for cable at least you know if the winds blows too hard it won't cost you $100 for Direct TV to come reallign your satellite.

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