Stewartstown, Pennsylvania

We decided to move so we had a free move pass on top of that they told us that they could suspend our service and we did not have to pay anything until move well through out the time of the move we were getting bills from them 600 to 800 for not returning equipment cancel fee and for bill that was not paid thru verizion so we called and said u guys gave us the free move pass and suspend our service so they said that they could not do that because we canceled with Verizon and we owe a 300 balance so we called verizon cause we paid them and Verizon said there is no balance and they owe us 80 dollars pretty much they are thevies in my eyes and I will never in my life use there service and I will let everybody I know about their rotten service this company should not be in buissness at all they need someone to over look their service people be smart don't use direct tv ..........I will answer any question to at atcstrucking@aol

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