When you go to Best Buy or any major retailers. Those direct tv salepersons come up to you and say they can save you money on your satellite tv, and get free $150.00 gift card your when you sign up!

Your drawen in, but beware it's all a scam. believe me!!! direct will get there money back!!! They don't tell you about all the hidden fees if you don't order a show or event in the right way they will nickel and dime you to death!!.

That's how they get you!. I just look at my credit card bill and found out that they charge me $460.89 for the mouth of May because they forgot to bill me in April, so I told them to take me off on the automatic daft and they said if they do that they would have charge me $10.00 more a month for HD, because I was it for free Bull@#%! There's always some catch with Direct TV they will find away; my bill is never the same.

I can't wait untiul my contract is over, so I can go back to COMCAST! They may be a little more expensive, but at least I know what my bill is go to be each month, when order a movie or event from anywhere!!!


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It would be better to pay the $10 extra a month than to let them contunue to have access to your credit card.You may need to change the # or close the account to prevent them from charging even after you stop the automatic draft.DTV keeps the # on file. Let us know if you get the $150 card.

I agree DTV is a Scam.They also have a history of not taking care of their boxes or dish for the $10 extra per month. They should take care of this for nothing,it is their equipment and you are paying to rent it


8) I have had directv for years now. they do keep going up in costs $3.00 at a time but so does the groceries and gasoline .I dont like inflation tho..btw your right about the sales men's lies,...just go to directv online and see what they offer.

buy the ins.so they dont charge for taking care of ur dish and box. they done replaced mine twice and no extra fees.

tv is clear too. i got basic plus locals..what better way to enjoy rest at home.

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