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I had the same cancellation issue.I ordered Direct TV thru AT&T.

The representative only told me about AT&T's part. When I called Direct TV they told me about the entire scam. I had 24 hours to change my mine, NO ONE TOLD ME THAT. Direct TV Mailed out some information I received well after the 24 hour period; therefore, I still was out of the 24 hours period.

The Direct TV Rep. said I still could have called on Friday, B.S.

Direct TV would still have said it was not within the 24 hr.period.



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You are right DirectTv is a Scam!AT&T knows of DTV's scams and continues to mislead customers by playing dumb.

DirectTV and AT&T have been doing this for a long time and this makes AT&T as bad as DirectTV in my opinion.everything has a price,even companies

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