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I cannot belive that Direct Tv is doing this to us, its bad enough that my bill constantly goes up every month and now this? I think we should sue this company because it is a breach of contract.

The channels that they took away are the ones my family watch!

And they expect me to pay for non-existing channels I am definately going to Dish Network. I wish that I did not have a 24 month agreement with this *** company, I am going to my local news station to let them know that Direct Tv is still expecting its LOYAL customers to pay for channels that we longer have.

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directv is not paying for them but we still are. tell me who is making millions from this, not hard to figure out


It does not matter. The main thing is my son could not watch his nick shows.

He decided to jump down the stairs and broke his ankle. Nowhe is really upset.

He can't watch his show while stuck in bed the next six weeks. :(


Do you realllly think it costs 120.00 bucks PLUS a month to provide us with tv? They are making a KILLLLING on us.....they can dig in and pay themselves to provide what they MADE US SIGN a contract for......


If you ask me they are BOTH to blame. Two big companies that are more concerned with lining their own pockets rather than providing the service that the consumers are paying for. This seems to be a RAMPANT problem with companies today.


She is pointing at the right people! DirectTV is refusing to pay for the channels,they expect to get away with screwing over everybody including their customers and Viacom is not having it, therefore viacom removed the channels.


Directv weren't the ones who took the channels off. Viacom owns those channels and they decided to remove them from the channel lineup. If you're going to complain, point it at the right people

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