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I recently wanted to quit Direct TV because I wanted an HD/DVR and they would not give it to me (wanted to charge $200), so my contract was up anyway, so I called Dish Network and they promised the HD/DVR as well as an additional HD receiver for my bedroom. So I lined up an install with Dish. When I called Direct TV, they offered the HD/DVR to me for free if I stayed with Direct. I made it clear to the sales rep that I wanted to keep my old HD receiver. I even made her repeat that I wanted both receivers.

Then when the tech came out to install, he never made mention of the fact that he wanted the old receiver. I had already disconnected it myself and set it aside. While I was in the room 90% of the time, I did walk out a couple of times and only for a few minutes. This guy claimed to be a "Sr Tech" that had been with Direct for 10 years, but struggled for a solid hour hooking this thing up, but finally did. I never did see him take the receiver with him. He must have snuck it out while I had gone in the other room. Anyway, there was no mention on the new contract that the old receiver was to be taken. The only thing it said was "upgrade" in the upper left hand corner which he had written in. I have a feeling he knew exactly what he was doing in swiping my receiver. Later, when I realized that my receiver was missing, I called Direct, but first confirmed that they had on file that I had 2 HD receivers. To make an already long story alittle shorter, they are giving me the shaft and not giving me the receiver back. I've talked to 4 different CS reps and no luck. One was even rude to me saying that I was wasting my time and it wasn't there fault I didn't read the contract. Well, I did read the contract. I doesn't say anything about taking my old receiver. I am facing a $480 fee if I break my new 24 month contract. Oh....I am going to fight this all the way to the better believe it. I have done alot of research and found ways to get out of Direct TV's little "contract" without paying much at all. It's more of the principle than the money at this point. They lied and insulted me and I am pissed!!!

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