Richardson, Texas
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They Have lied to Us and over billed us for Months. We had an install of an HD Reciever, They stood us up and never showed up!

I took the day off from work. I missed all day pay and work waiting for them. They issued a $50.00 credit. They sent a buch of emails and issued credits.

They never applied the credits that they mentioned in the emails. CEO Mike White was on undercover Boss. I wrote him numerous times. He is too unprofessional or Classy to respond.

He is a BS Artist. He could care less. His Undercover Boss show was nothing more than him BSing people into thinking he cares and is actually a human with Morals. Tara in the Office of the President said she would give us NFL Sunday Ticket free for our service.

It never happened. The credits were never applied. Direct TV and it's employees will lie to you over and over again. They will issue credits and never apply them.

They will treat you horrible, lie to you over and over again, and never respond!

Avoid Direct TV. From the CEO Mike White to the other employees, they will lie to you and treat you with NO RESPECT what so ever!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Wow I'm going threw the exact same thing right now. I have not written the ceo of dtv, but the lies come from all angles.

And when you catch them in a lie they put you on hold for 20 minutes and come back with what seems to be a text book response hoping you forget the issue. And once they realize that they are dealing with an educated person, who keeps every record. They come back with " oh I'm sorry that's not my department"

Today I cut them off. Went to bestbuy bought a 30 dollar antenna took a whole 3 minutes to set it up, and I have 42 free hd channels.

Pretty soon it will be direct tv who will be bending over.


For 22 dollars you can have some fun and take them to small claims court like 'Judge Judy'!