Tulsa, Oklahoma
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First off, they sent us an offer a million times offering a great deal for like 39 bucks a month for basic cable. We chose to switch to them from Cox because it appeared as if we would save money which we badly need to do since I had a failed spinal fusion surgery & we are neck deep in medical bills and I'm disabled so can't work.

They told me & my husband & my mother even that this deal was the true thing & we even wrote down all the details of those phone conversations. We sadly signed up for their horrible "service" & of course we had to sign a 2 yr. contract like everybody else. The guy came out & got us hooked up & we thought all was fine; however, 2 weeks later we get our 1st bill & instead of the 39 buck service for basic cable that we agreed to, we were being charged 90 bucks.

Clearly we were not happy since we had dumped Cox who we were only having to pay $60 a month for basic cable. We called direct tv to complain & try to get this fixed or at least dump them since it had only been 2 weeks since getting them & since they totally lied about the deal they offered through the mail. The person we spoke to was rude, rude, rude and actually said that since we signed a contract with them that there was nothing we could do about it & we would just be stuck with this. We even read to this woman the deal we had gotten through the mail & signed up for & even though that was the exact service that we were signed up for, they somehow don't see anything wrong with quoting one price and then changing it after you have signed their 2 yr.

contract. Furthermore, they gave us 3 remotes for our tv's and only one worked and they won't fix that. The satellite they put on our roof is not working right and even though we signed up for their so called service plan they won't even come check it after just 2 weeks of having this junk. Also, we totally lose allll tv service if there is any storm big or small within 100 miles of us and we don't get it back for like 5 hours.

These people could NOT care less if you call them so don't bother. I just basically want to warn people that are getting these great offers through the mail or off TV to NOT be conned into direct tv's web of lies and get stuck with them for 2 years like us. We are now paying 3 times as much as we expected to for less service than what we had with Cox and we are stuck with it.

This is money we needed to pay doctors and physical therapists for me, but now we are just making that terrible, dishonest company richer. I hope you think twice before switching to them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $2160.

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If you needed the money for doctor bills - THEN GO WITHOUT CABLE! How simple is that?