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Direct TV has provided us shoddy service from day one of our 2 year contract.The signal goes out in the rain, it goes out when it's sunny, it goes out when it's raining in another county and a perfect sunny day here.

They can never get a tech out to see you until about 3 days after you call and they don't refund any of the missed service days. After a year of dealing with unreliable service, we decided to get out and just pay the $260 fee to cancel the contract. BUYER BEWARE! After a year of terrible service, they still take all your money even though they can't seem to hold up to their end of the bargain: providing quality service.

We feel violated!

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We had to pay an early cancellation fee because their service didn't work.If their service worked (i.e.

it was always going out for no reason even in good weather), we wouldn't have had to get out. When you spend a year fighting with them about poor service and the problem never gets fixed, what other choice do you have than to get out? Yes, we agreed to pay the cancellation fee but they also agreed to provide us reliable satellite service. When you're paying $80 a month and you have periods of time (days) with no service, there is a problem.

A manager even flaunted it in our face that there was nothing we could do but pay a cancellation fee.We were to either suck it up or get out.


I'm sorry I don't see what the problem is.You agreed to pay them the early cancellation fee of $260. Did they take more than the $260? your complaint is not clear.

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