I was told my bundle package would cost me $96 a month. My bill is now up to $158 a month.

They claim FREE access in 4 rooms. I really don't get the free part when they charge you $6 for each room. I'm being changed $19.99 for a protection plan I never signed up for. Spoke to 3 different reps for over 2.5 hours 2 weeks ago.

One was sending me a copy of my bill from Direct TV because their bill looks different then the bill I recvieve from Verizon. I was being charged $12.99 a month for Showtime when it was supposed to be free for 3 months. Was also told I'd get a box for shipping one of my remotes/boxes because I don't use it and am paying for it. 2 weeks and still have not received either one.

I am going to contact Verizon and try to get out of this hosed up contract.

I should have listened to my local cable company when they told me NOT to switch that I would be sorry. Am I ever sorry.

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Common sense does not work with DTV.They don't tell you about all the extras they add on. If and when they do send you the box for returning their equipment,be sure to get a tracking# to prove they get it,otherwise they are well known for saying they did not get the equipment and making you pay for it.It is next to impossible to get out of their contract.an important thing you should do right now is change the bank or card # they have on file for you,otherwise if there is a problem or you decide to cancel service,DTV will automatically charge your account


NUMBER one sound's like you are dealing with two different companies.ONE VERIZON and SECOND DIRECTV.I have DIRECTV and THEIR most expensive package is $119.00 a month.This is far all the movie channel's and DOES not include a bundle service.While it is true you pay $6.00 for each room that you have a box in.DIRECTV does not charge you for the main box.I have (3)BOXES and I pay a total of $92.87 a month,This include taxe's.Maybe you did not understand your contract.You should have spoken to DIRECTV instead of VERIZON.You have to pay for everything you order.AND this price does not include taxe's.WAKE up and LEARN TO READ BEFORE YOU SIGN ANYTHING.WTF.COMMON since should have kicked in and LET you know that VERIZON is only looking out for VERIZON.YOU can get out of the contract but you will have to pay out the butt.

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