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Direct TV and the State Attorney General's office:

I agreed to take Direct TV as a part of a packaged deal with Centurylink. When the satellite signal did not come through, sometimes all evening, I called for a technician to come out and fix it.

Different technicians did come out each time 5-7 times and every time he got it working to 3 nights later the satellite signal would not come through.

After repeatedly taking off work and also tying up 4 hours for each call, and also on the weekend all these times, I decided that I had given this company plenty of fair chances.

Then I was told that I had signed an "oral" 2 year contract! I had not signed any contract. I do not sign a 2 year contracts...not even with a phone company. I asked for a copy (Tape) of this contract and immediately the subject was changed to, "well, the 2 year contract was mentioned on your bills"!

Every visit resulted in no consistent signal reception into the TV that I watch! I repeatedly told them that another cable CO., which I got after cancelling the Direct TV contract, the other service consistently, worked in this TV. I also told then I had the wiring in that room and the TV checked out by an electrician!

They said they would take the $400 out of my account that I originally used to pay them with and also Century link...within 2 weeks of March 13,2011 if I did not make the $400 payment before the coming 2 weeks were up.

A Verbal contract?

I am taking this up with the State Attorney General's office of the State of Nevada !

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Verbal contract my ***. Sue their pants off.

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