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DIRECT TV is the worst company I have ever had to deal with my entire life. Customer service is terrible. They keep on passing you around to different people and they are so rude. when you talked to customer service it feels like they just doing you a favor..

And if you order the package deal that you want they will give you the different one and charge you so much money and get stuck on it. its a trap!

they have hidden charges so dont ever give them your account info. they can take your money out of your account without your consent. i am a victim.

They have a poor service and crappy receiver. everytime you have problem with their receiver/signal which you will always have, if you complain they gonna charge you for service call everytime you complain.

Never deal with direct tv if you dont want to have a worst stress of yourlife...

I will NEVER recommend Direct tv ever...

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I ordered a DVR box online for a second bedroom. I installe dthe receiver myself.

I called Direct TV to activate the second receiver. To my surprise the broken english speaking rep told me I would have to pay 4.99 a month plus a forced DVR fee which I told her I didnt want that. I have had service with Direct TV for 3 years with no problems until I added the second receiver. So My bill went from 39.99 to 81.00 a month which I said repeatly I didnt want the fricking DVR fee added.

I called to cancel tonight because I am moving and Direct TV wants to charge me since I ordered a second receiver a cancellation fee of 200.00 because I orderd another reciever box. How can they get away with these hidden and RIDULOUS charges.

I am calling a lawyer so nobody else gets this kind of treatment. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH DIRECT TV.

Alexandria, Minnesota, United States #3726

I agree DirectTv is a ripoff. I pay over $50 a month for basic service and it isn't worth it.

If something happens to the equipment they charge an arm and a leg to come out and check it or fix it at their convenience. At least some of you were notified of a raise in the rate. I started out with this at $19.99 a month which is plenty for what you get and have never been notified of raises. I never know until it shows up on my bill.

I have also inquired about their internet.

The price is so ridiculous it isn't funny. You'd think the receiver is made of pure gold or something. They need to bring down the prices especially for senior citizens who only watch a few channels.

I've asked about that as well for my mother. She never watches anything but local channels and once in a while Hallmark or TV Land yet she has to pay over $50 a month for maybe an hour a day of tv.

Okemos, Michigan, United States #3539

They do suck! I had a windy day here in Miami, which isnt rare, but i lost my signal, the next thing i did was call these morons, mind you i pay over a hundred dollars plus insurance just for these type of things.

So finally, one of the smart *** gets on the phone and says you'll have to what 4 days, i said really. Then i hung up the phone and called some friends that new of a direct tv installer...i paid him twenty dollars and the *** was fixed. my advice too all of you is when the installer comes to your house speak to them and ask them if the satellite goes out can i call you, but make sure you are clear that you are willing to pay for him to help you.

insurances 5.95 q month x 12 abut 80.00 a year. Give the guy 30, 20, depending the time and situation, just ask...

Highland Park, Michigan, United States #3458

DIRECT TV has got to be the worst. I can't tell you how many times I will be watching TV and all of a sudden, my signal is lost!

Today for instance; sunny calm beautiful day and I lose my signal. So, I call Direct TV and get connected with one of their highly intelligent (and yes, I am being sarcastic) customer service reps. After listening to her speak with her poor pronounciation skills she tells me that she will have a technician come out to my home on Tuesday (today is Saturday). I tell her that it is unacceptable and demand to speak to her supervisor.

She connects me with Casey who refuses to help and tells me that unless I can climb up on my roof and check the dish that I am out of luck until Tuesday because that's the only slot they have open for a technician. Is this a joke or what? I pay over 100.00 a month for service and I am suppose to wait until four days for Direct TV to fix my service. AT&T is coming into my area with their new television service called U-Verse.

You can bet that I will be one of their first customers!!! Direct TV has got to be the worst. Ironically, I received notice just the other day advising me that they were jacking up their rates. I guess I must have missed the paragraph in the notice that mentioned; "Direct TV is raising your rates and lowering our service standards".

If you have Direct TV, dump then now!!! If you don't have Direct TV, remain smart and never under any circumstances subscribe to Direct TV.

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