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I signed up for Direct TV w/o even knowing it. I called Century-Link and asked about their bundle ( to help me save money) they advertised.

They said yes, and signed me on with Direct TV. Imagine my shock when I found out instead of a bundle I got a $5.00 a month discount for being a Century Link customer but there was NO BUNDLE at all..( didn't know this until after I received my first Direct TV bill.).. Then after installation they had me sign the paper that said they installed everything. We turned on the TV and found over 1/2 the channels were infomercials...

I called Direct TV the next day and told them to remove it... it was not what we expected at all. They said my 24 hour grace period had expired so they would remove it but I would have to pay $480.00 in fines for terminating my 2 year contract. What contract??????

I was never told there was a contract.... they said it was in the very fine print of the installation paper, and sure enough when I pulled out a magnifying glass, I found it. I then found out I would be paying a separate bill each month, and that there was indeed no bundle, but it was about what I had been paying for Comcast so it was what it was. Only, in one years time, my bill has gone from $72.00 a month to over $200.00 a month because their discounts are over....

In fact they had given me FREE HD for life.... and a few months ago they said we'll take that away unless you sign up for auto pay.... Let it be said I have NEVER missed a payment, or paid my bill late with Direct TV. So,it's OK for them to change the rules of a contract?

I called them, and they offered me a $10.00 a month credit to offset that breach of contract which I found out today will expire 3 months before my contract is actually up... Nasty surprises around every corner with Direct TV.

I am counting down the days... I have 360 days left with this miserable company. I did talk with them today and reduced my services because I can not justify spending over $200.00 a month to watch TV...

and sadly every time it rains we have NO TV because we lose all reception. I will now have to pay about $175.00 a month until this miserable contract is over. I don't think it's fair that they TRICK people in to signing a 2 year contract,.... although I do understand the why.....

they offer such poor service that without locking their customers in, they would go out of business. the sad thing is though that I will be around a lot longer than 2 years, and had this been a decent company I would have stayed with, and used them for many years..... Direct TV won their battle with me. I am stuck with them for one more year, but at the end of those 12 months, I will run and never look back.

I win the war. They have no doubt lost many other customers with their poor practices, and lousy service. They need to be approached and the company needs to stop misrepresenting what they offer, and make it very clear to people that they are signing up for 2 years like it or not. My sister lost her house.....and Direct TV is suing them for the $20.00 a month early contract termination fee...

If she didn't have enough grief losing a job, a house, and trying to support her family through all this.... Shame on Direct TV. Something needs to be done about this predatory, unfair, and sneaky company. Oh, and btw....

I will also terminate my Century-Link account for unfair practices of setting me up with something I had no idea about... They falsely mis-led me and got me in to this mess.

And in our economic times, I wonder why they would do this to a faithful customer of 4 years that has paid her bill on time, and in full each month... They also won the battle but have lost the war.

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Thank you NOTADTV fan. I had no idea that if any thing broke and needed repklacing the contract would be auto renewed.

Thank you for the heads up too about the bogus charges. How can they get away with what they do and stay in business?


Believe it or not some people like DTV. I am not one of those people though.

When your contract is over remember to ask for boxes to mail back their equipment and get tracking# from Fedex so you can prove they get the boxes,otherwise they may try to say you did not send them back.also,before you cancel service if you are on autopay or they have you bank # or credit card#,stop this and change numbers at your bank do the same if using credit card otherwise DTV has been known to help themselves to customers money on bogus charges and the customer has the burden of trying to get it back. Remember too, if you get new boxes for any reason during your contract this extends your contract automatically another 2 yrs.


I have rejected the Centurylink offer several times but already like you have DirecTV service. It is expensive and contractural.

I agree they should show compassion on those who are in the 2 circumstances you cited.

I have no choices as the cable company doesnt offer services in my area. Loose signal every day.

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