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Jan. 10, 2009

In July of 2008 I decided to called and inquire about putting Direct TV in camper we have in Brookville Indiana. My father and I both frequent the place in the summer and since he is ill and can't be outside much I thought it would be nice for him to be able to watch TV. Well this was the beginning of a nightmare.

While on the phone with the sales person he was telling me what a great deal they had going and how could get free Show Time, Starz and HBO for 3 months and would get 150 channels. The price quoted to me was $52.99 a month but after three months I would have to cancel the pay channels or I would be charged for them. So far the deal didn't seem bad.

I asked the man several times about how they would handle it if I needed to turn the service off during the winter months. He told me it was no problem that a lot of their customers did this. He told me I at least had to have the service on 6 month of the year and that the other 6 month my bill could be $5.00 (while turned off for winter). This was the amount it cost to just keep the account open and the service on standby or in his words suspended. This seemed like just what I needed so after I repeated what he quoted me just to be sure I understood all the details he told me that was exactly what he was offering. I also had the phone on speaker so my father could hear and he also stated he heard the same thing. I verbally agreed to the above deal and set up an installation date.

On the day the installer was due to arrive I had to work so my father waited for the technician to show up. The man came to the campsite and proceeded to install the equipment and left leaving the papers for the installation on the couch because my dad was not standing around when he left. No one ever signed anything nor did the installer even check with anyone to see if what he was doing was what we had asked for.

About a month or so after the service was on my husband and I commented we had not seen a bill come in. We waited a few more weeks thinking maybe it was because we were new costumer and maybe we came in in the middle of a billing cycle. 6 weeks still no bill so I called them. The customer service rep said that it was being mailed to an Egypt Hollow Rd. address. This was the address of the camper! Campers don't have mailboxes I told her!! I had been very specific when I signed up for the service that the bill was to be sent to our home address obviously because there was no mail service in a camp ground. She assured me she would correct the problem but that I needed to pay my bill now. So I agreed to pay it while I was on the phone with her.

( Aug. 13, 2008)She said my bill was $166.06. I was shocked! I asked why and she said that what owed for 2 month of service. I said at 52.99 a month for 2 months of service should only be $105.98. She said that I had pay channels and if I wanted the three months free I would have to get online and apply for it. This was never stated during the original sales inquiry. I agreed to pay half of the bill until I got this whole thing straightened out and paid her $98.94. I called customer service and spoke with them. They said there was nothing they could do that I would have to get online and file for rebate. She said the discount for free channels would start on next months bill but I would have to pay entire amount (cost of service plus all the pay channels they said were free). The next bill for Sept 2, 2008 said $119.65. This was only $6 off what I should have been due so I paid the bill because I thought maybe everything was straightened out. I paid $119.65 by check and put the account at a zero balance. This meant that my Oct. bill should have been for exactly what I had been quoted which was $52.99. Guess what? It wasn't. My Oct. 2008 bill came in and said I owed $92.53 and the charges and credits were not amounts I could make any since of so I called them again! I got the run around from several different people none of which could explain the charges or credits. I asked to speak to a manger. This person tried to tell me this is what I agreed to pay. This was a huge lie as were most of the things this company had told me from day one. I said maybe I should just cancel my service. The customer service rep said I couldn't that I had agreed to 2yr contract I said no I didn't! It was a 1 year but not one of the things I had been quoted in my original call to Direct TV was happening. I had been lied to repeatedly. She said it was because I had a DVR box this held me to a 2 year contract. I didn't even ask for a DVR box nor did I even know I had one since installation tech didn't bother to tell anyone what he did. This argument went on for about an hour and I was transferred to several different managers and no one would explain the bill the only thing they kept saying was that I couldn't cancel or they would charge me a cancellation fee. I finally got mad and hung up.

After calming down I spoke with my husband who said just call and tell them to put our service in winter suspension (I was told that this would cost $5 a month during the original sales call), pay the current balance and we would worry about it in the spring when we turned the service on for the camping season. So I called them back and told them we were done for the season and I wanted to do the $5 thing and suspend the service till April 2009. The lady on the phone acted like she didn't know anything about winter service suspension service at all. I asked to speak to someone else. This lady said that Direct TV had never been anything of the sort. I asked to speak to a manager. Again this person tried to tell me there was no such thing. After arguing with the lady (who said she was a top manager) that I wanted to know where the original salesman got the idea they had winter suspension service and that they needed to honor the deal they originally made me she finally said "oh well we use to have that deal but got rid of it and no one must have told the salesman so he quoted you something we don't have anymore so I can't honor it" I blew up and told her to take their service and "!#*X#@&%&$$"!! (Well you get the picture). I told her to cancel my service because they had broken the original verbal agreement. She told me I would be charge $400.00 cancelation fee and that they would send me boxes and I had to return the equipment or be charged for it too. I told her I would not pay the cancellation fee that they were the ones who broke the verbal contract not me. She said to bad they would be charging me anyway and to return the boxes with the equipment in them. I hung up mad as *** of course.

I wait 2-3 weeks. No boxes came to return equipment. I got a computer phone call from them saying did you get boxes? I said no and push button to have new ones sent. No boxes came. I called about 2 weeks later. They said they sent them Egypt Hollow address…camper address!! Again I told her no mailbox it's a campground. They do some how manage to get bill and collection letters to my home address!!!! but no boxes. It is now Jan. 09 I am getting bills for $759.81 for cancellation fees and equipment fees for a service and price I was quoted and never have received.

This company is crooked at best. I have found thousands of letter complaining about being scammed by Direct TV. The people have had money stole from there account by illegal withdraws by Direct TV, told they would get services they never did, charged more than they were quoted and on and on and on. You can type in complaint and the word Direct TV and read for days!!!!! They have even been sued many of time. People have contacted the attorney general and the Better Business Bureau and Direct TV is still out there screwing people over!!!! How can this happen? If anyone has a suggestion let me know. I do have fully intentions of calling my attorney, the attorney general and the BBB even though I am not sure what good it will do. I would rather pay my attorney more money than I owe Direct TV just to sue them and win!! They should not be able to do this to people. I work to hard for my money to have crooks like this steal from me and I don't want them to be able to do it to anyone else either!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Rebate.

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contact fcc and file a complaint


they are crooks thats for sure, they put out faulty HD dvrs then they charge to come out and replace them. then the *** tech says "you need to sign for this new reciever" then check your bill next time and they re start your contract because of trashy equipment


I am working with Direct TV through many, many customer service managers. I was told by a manager that I should have read the fine print. I didn't read the fine print because I put the deposit on my card by phone. I put the deposit on my card.( only the deposit) I have not signed nor read any contract. Direct TV uses an outside company to install the equipment. My son was at the location and after the installer put the equipment in the house. He was ask to sign the delivery receipt.He was not told it was the contract with Direct TV. THE installer did not tell my son my credit card would be used for any and all transactions. Direct TV refuses to give me credit on my card for transactions I never approved or agreed to. Also they want me to pay a penalty fee for cancelling the contract. I am going to pursue this complaint with our legal

system and Consumer Service.

Mrs. Nuckols