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When I signed up for DirectTV, I was unaware of the their supposed 24month agreement by renting their equipment for any customer that signs up. When I signed up for service, I specifically stated I wanted a 1 year plan as I am currently renting. I am moving to a house that I will own and the homeowner's association does not allow satellites outside of the house of any kind.

When calling DirectTV to cancel my service, I was suddenly told that I was under a 24month agreement and would owe $480 to cancel although I will not be able to move the satellite at all. When talking with a supervisor, Melissa, I was rudely hung up on and when calling DirectTV back I was shuttled to various customer service reps who didn't know where to direct me to.

I do not understand how a company can have a 24month service agreement that is not listed anywhere in writing. I have read through the customer agreement and privacy policy documents, but it does not stipulate a 24month agreement when renting their equipment. The bill states "based on your lease of DirectTV equipment, you agreed to purchase programming and service for up to 24 mos. If you do not, DirectTV may charge a prorated fee of $480." I've looked for my lease agreement, but that is not posted on their site in my account information nor was it included when they sent the first bill with important documents. So essentially I am forced to a 2 year agreement to avoid a ridiculous charge?

Once I cancel my service, I will never refer anyone to DirectTV again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Another way out might be to contact your state AG, and ask someone there to interceed on your behalf.

Of course, you can always just refuse to return their equipment, and just ignore/dispute the bill on your credit report.

Make them come up with the contract you signed, or tell them to pound salt!


I had my share of Directv problems. I was a customer for several years back when you could buy your own system and pay month to month.

I had called directv and asked if the newer access cards would work with the older boxes, I was told I need to upgrade, thus putting me into a contract. I declined to be on any contract. I ended up getting a letter regarding satellite signal theft. I called them right away and told them to shut me off and I will throw my equipment in the trash.

I know of poeple that get double charged for bills by these people.

They were once good, by I would never deal with them now. MY OPINION.