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OMG!!! I have had problems with direct tv ever since the first day I begun service.

Direct tv has told lies from day one. They throw rocks and hide their hands. First day, the tech came out to install service, everything they told me on the phone was a flat out lie! I was suppose to get service in a second room for no charge, LIE!

I called while the guy was there and went through six different ppl and got no *** where. I had the reps name and id # that set everything up over the phone, they still did nothing. Second lie, they said the guy did not put two rooms in the computer and I would have to pay an additional 100 bucks gor the second room. Third lie, they were advertising up to 3 rooms free.

I got so upset that I lost my religion and cussed the badyards out over the phone. The tech started telling me how direct always do stuff like that and how he was looking for another job. I had the service installed because they told me if I canceled how I will still hv to pay for breaking the contract which I never signed because it wad set up over the phone. I recently moved and had to get service at the new location.

I was lied to again. They told me my moving fee was 99 dollars and would be billed in installments. First billed has the full amount on it.

I just paid a 200 dollar installalation fee 8 months ago, and now i'm being charged again after I was told that moving was free in the first yr as long as I had all my equipment minus the dish. Direct tv is the worse, I told them after this contract is over, they can kiss my a..,in those exact words!

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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DirectTV is the worst company that anyone will ever have to deal with.I know,I dealt with these crooks for 5 months. I fought them and won but it sure took work on my part.They have never been known to produce any taped conversations,I believe they use this as a scare tatic.

I would highly recommend that you cancel or change your bank/credit card #'s if DTV has any on file for you.

I'd demand a bill through the mail and pay them with a money order and keep your receipts because DTV is well known to say they did not get payments and demand double payments.DTV is not known to return deposit money,they will most likely come up with some bogus charges to apply that takes the deposit. I wish you luck


I had it installed because I was told that they would not refund my deposit money. I really did not know what to do at the time, all I was thinking was that I did not want this on my credit report.

I did not know what I know now. For all you people,(so sad) in paticular and all his side kicks, I did not post on this site to get criticized by u fu##ing morons. You don't own or work for any of the businesses that ppl post about so your *** help is not needed. I am allergic to a##holes like u, so stay the *** off my post and find something to do with your life like get one.

You can tell that you all have no life when it's Christmas day and you are on here concerning yourself with stuff that has nothing to do with you! I don't have time for internet beef.

That's not my style. You are beneath me bi###es!!!


Oh, come on!! If what you were told on the phone actually happened prior to the tech coming out to install, why in the world would you go ahead and have it installed for a fee??

If they told you the "contract" would be enforced, it is an easy case to win in small claims court---you have them produce the tape with their rep telling you what you claim he said.

You really need to be more forceful and think about what you are doing with your money.

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