How do you have the audacity to ask all your customers to keep paying for channels that you took from us, and all the deals you try to offer to make up for this is not right, It's full of s...! Don't offer me nothing,tell us as your customers that we don't have to pay for what we aren't getting, if not then I feel that you should lose everyone of your customers!!

!! I called Direct to ask about what's going on and the Rep.says to me that the company still expects same payments.

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Direct TV's ad says it will cost $1 Billion if they accept the 30% price increase. that means they were currently paying $700 Million.

Now, since they have deleted the channels Direct-TV is pocketing the $700 Million a year or about $2 Million a day.

Why aren't they refunding the money to their customers? FAIR IS FAIR


Viacom wants Direct TV to pay a 30% increase for their shows. They refuse, THAT is why your channels got dropped.

Viacom dropped them, not DTV. DTV is fighting this to keep their own rates to YOU dumbs**s reasonable.

It's summer, take your kids to the park, and get your facts before saying they're full of s... Get your head out of your a**

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