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I tryed to sign up for direct tv's 50 channel plan last month over the internet, when I called to finish the set up I was talked into up grading my package because my recievers would all be included except for I would be charged a 7 dollar fee for dvr service monthly, and I was told if there was any other issues within 30 days I could cancel service with out paying a fee. I then I asked so how muc will my bill be monthly the lady said around 48 bucks a month give or take about 3 to 4 bucks.

So I get my first bill and its 64 bucks, I was charged for leasing the boxed which where supposed to come with my package, when I called I was tranfered from the rep to a supervisor was told they could do nothing was then tranfered to corprate they told me the same thing except he was like I can give you five dollars off your bill um no how about the 24 that is on my bill that shouldnt be there. Then I say well you can fix the problem I want your law departments phone number he gives me the p.o box and then he tells me well we cant give you the phone number. Are you freaking serious your telling me that corprate doesnt have your law departments phone number come on dude really. So to all of you direct tv complaints on here it takes five or more to have a class action law suit agianst a company I am contacting my attoreney today.

the man I spoke to told me that I would have to pay 20 dollars for each month of service in order to cancel my contract. I told him no I wont and I will be asking you to pay me buy the end of this.

Ergh I dont have time to be lied to by a company that claims to be honest hmm. If you would like more info on how to get a class action law suit together please contact me at Erica110581@hotmail.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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you can contact me I would like to be part of a class action sjbocek@comcast.net - If I had known more about Direct TV and their customer service I would have never done business with them n never will again they are the worst.