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I recently suspended my service due to a unexpected move. I was on the phone with direct TV twice about my situation.

the last phone call.. to change my address.. i was told there would be a $50 fee because i ended my agreement 5 months shy of 2 years. no biggie..

i wanted to go back so i took the hit.the agent i spoke to while changing my address completely hacked it up. UPS called and left a message that they have my return boxs however dont know where to send them. when i got the UPS manager on the phone later that evening he told me that he spoke with another agent on the phone and my box would be shipped back to direct TV until someone from the company called me within the next two days to fix the error that their agent made. Two days later i noticed the company went into my bank account and withdrew $230.00 without a notice.

two days after that i was in the red over $500 because checks could not clear and my bank paid out on it anyways. when i called direct tv about the situation the agent was quick to try to get me off the phone. i refused.. i wanted a supervisor.

10 minutes on hold later i got the first supervisor. a woman that took everything i said personal. i was speaking with her for 25 minutes. i asked to speak to another supervisor or her manager.she said she was as high as it gets and there is not another supervisor working.

she ended the call with me before i was through. of course i called back. surprise! i got a completely different supervisor to take my call..

again 20 mins later i was told he does not have a manager i could speak with.they don't take calls..well what do they do then.. they have a "president office" he tells me.. yet i would need to write to them no 800 number he said.. i feel like both supervisors took my anger as a personal attack towards them..

they did not want to help me nor assist me in the right direction. horrible customer service skills.. i am a laid back woman. i have also been in customer service for 7 years..

i know how call centers work..they have agents, supervisors, managers, asst directors and then the director of the dept. why i couldn't get the address to the presidents office was crazy.. i was told to google it. all i wanted was direct TV to make this situation right.

there agent took my address wrong..

he also feed me bs to just get me off the phone as quickly as he could and now i have to swallow a negative bank account for the holidays?? great work guys!!..

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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DIRECT TV is the WORST company out there when it comes to customer service! Bar none!

So, my mother used my account number to sign up as a new customer and get the refer a friend promo. You've seen the commercials, right? Refer a friend get $100. Well, she was told she needed to make a deposit before anything was even approved. She did. Then when no one had contacted her for weeks she called them to see what was going on. They told her that my account was in collections and that her deposit was being applied to MY bill. They weren't even going to tell her!

First of all, my account was never even disconnected. I may have been a few days late on payment as I am often busy and forget to pay this particular bill. But I always do pay it in the end and have NEVER seen any sort of collections notice or anything like that and at this time I still had uninterrupted service.

Secondly, since when is your mother liable for your bills? Spouse? Okay... but a parent? What the heck??? I am in my thirties and own my own home why would she be responsible for my bill?

Thirdly, what about confidentiality? As a service provider aren't they being held accountable for violating people's rights? Just curious. Guess when you give a friend your account number they get all your personal info over the phone via customer service rep?

They refused to give her deposit back. So my pissed off and panicked mother called me and scolded me. So I paid it right away. Then they finally (after much hassling) gave her the deposit back. How embarrassing and horrible! All this just to get $100 applied to your bill over a ten month period! $10 a month off your bill? What a waste of time! I hate them so much! You should have seen the e-mail I got when I complained!!!! AHHHHH!!!

When I first signed up with them years and years ago they were supposed to give me a rebate. It took no less than two years, numerous letters threatening legal action and a few visits to the better business bureau before I finally got it. I searched online and thousands of other people NEVER got it at all. DO NOT give these scam artists your business! They have no respect for their customer's satisfaction or for their privacy.

Plese tell your friends!

Alba, Texas, United States #216280

Thank you for the info. I was wondering if the bank could help in anyway.


Contact your bank and tell them that you did not authorize any such charge. Tell them you authorized $50 and that was it. Your bank will help you with this.

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