I usually don't do this, but direct tv has been so horrible for me that I am using every forum I can find to tell people. We only have them because the apartment complex.

I got a 2 year contract with the promise that if we moved the contract could be void at no expense to me if service wasn't available in our new location. We moved and transferred service to the tune of $130..a far cry from the free movers special that is advertised on tv right now. After the service was transferred a rep from out HOA said the dish could not be on our roof. After a months run around they sent a tech out to relocate, only to discover the dish is on our neighbor's roof.

The tech called and told someone that was the only place to get signal, and that we should be disconnected. When I finally talked to someone in they mysteriously had no record of the call from the tech.

I'm still trying to get this worked out, and I'm so annoyed! With 15 million customers do they really need my ill gotten early termination fee so badly?

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Agreed pissed also. Got directv last yr for my mom.

At that point she had to pay 200 $ deposit and they stated it would be refunded at $5 a month. Well we just found out yesterday that since she was late on payment they will no longer give her $5 monthly credit. So there goes$170. They have kept.

Then she moved last month and we called for the move they wanted to charge her $149.99 plus 19.95 s&h for equipment even tho. She has the equipment. The rep said if u wait till sept. To make move after ur first year it will be free.

Well we called yesterday and now they are charging $199 plus $19.95 s h. For the move. Plus they kept the $170. If we cancel than its $240 early termination.

So either way my elderly mom is screwed. I feel they totally rip off.

Speaking w a rep supervisor does not help either this is way too stressful. I hate directv and dont know what to do.

terry mann

back on July 20Th i payed my insurance and phone bill, on July 23rd direct TV pulled almost 600 out of my green dot money card without my consent but the funny thing is They didn't pay my ins and phone bill but i paid the ins and phone first on the 20th, i still don't have my money and i have no ins and a disconnect notice on my phone. now today i bought a new card from walmart so i would have a different card, they took my money that i needed to pay bills and when i went to activate it they said that i can't have a card cause i disputed direct tv and this is the same company i don't have a signed contract with, now the green dot card has my money and direct tv has my money about 1100 dollars worth not counting what all i have lost.

now i think walmart, green dot, and Ge capitol bank should be held responsible, i would like to Get enough people to Get a class action suite against all three, my email is steel.mann@hotmail.com. when they steel all of are money who will shop at walmart or have money for the bank or order direct tv.

something has to be done. green dot said they called and left a message if so with who and do you think if they would have told me that i couldn't have a card over there screw up to start with i dang sure wouldn't have handed them another 720.00 $ and i have all the proof.pawned my guns to pay these bills now i have no ins and phone will be shut off over direct tv's ***, and nothing to pawn to get the money.the funny thing is i was just at sams and they wher promoting direct tv and wanted me to get a greendot money card, they said that i could pay with it and save money.

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