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This company should be ashamed of themselves. I tried to add one HD box for my basement only to be told it would cost me $99 to rent the box $49 to install and they are extending my contracft 6 more months.

This is a hidden cost that was not disclosed when I initially signed up for Direct TV. Why was this not discolsed initally. Someone needs to complain to the FCC!

If you are smart you will never use them as your TV provider. I am cancelling and paying the termination fee of $380.00 and calling Comcast today !!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $380.

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Customers have complained to the FCC,BBB and Attorney Generals for years and years about DTV's devious practices.there is a class action law suit ever so often and DTV get fined but goes right back to what they were doing.They do not disclose their many scams to potential customers because if they did no one would sign up. I could almost scream each time I see Directtv in Best Buy,Walmart and Sams club signing up customers because I know most of them will be scammed.It also makes me sick that these stores let these predators take advantage of their customers because these stores know about DTV's scams,they choose to let their customers be scammed for money from DTV.


They did the same thing to me last month. Quoted me one price to re-sign the charged me alot more.

Now want to charge me $440 to cancel a contract I didn't agree to.

I am taking them to small claims court for the fee. I am sick and tired of companies being allowed to pull this *** on consumers and getting away with it.

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