Direct TV was installed one week ago, then we heard we were going to lose FX channels on Nov 1. Isn't that misleading? When we called to complain they told us we weren't losing anything, they would mirror the channels - what does that mean?

If we lose these channels, we will miss the several Nascar races, favorite shows, Indians Baseball (Fox sports Ohio is one of the channels leaving) and National Geographic. We left DISH because of poor service but at least they didn't take away channels. We feel fraud has been committed and are very unhappy. Please resolve this problem Direct TV!

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My husband and I have been long time Directv suscribers, and overall we have been happy with the products and services offered. However, we WILL leave if Directv can not come to an agreement to meet the needs of their faithful customer base.

Dear Directv corporate heads, it is my hope that you will pay close attention to the consumer backlash that Netflix endured when they increased their rates; just an example. I won't beg to have you keep my favorite channel, FX, I will simply leave Directv.


this means they will relace it with *** you dont want to watch


this means they will relace it with *** you dont want to watch

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