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I have read the posts about direct TV's new "truth truth" comercial, it is racist aginst whites and blacks, so all black people talk like they are from the ghetto direct tv? and its ok that everyone in the comercial is black and beating up a old white man?

Its 2011, slavery was terrible and so was the holocost, we learn from our mistakes and everyone needs to get over the racial ***, we all bleed red, we are all human, direct tv should be asamed and action should be taken!!! whoever released this should be fired and direct tv should issue a apology before I and a lot of other black and white people cancel our service!!!

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Yet MORE racist ads: The Chinese man with the bad fake accent, women and wealth, claiming he's a "whale" because he's treated so well, etc.

Unbelievable that this stuff makes it on the air in 2011. That they can't see the offense says one thing clearly: Racists.


Dude calm down have you even seen any of the other commercials? with the vietnamese guy?

or how about the white guy thats under house arrest?

its a *** commercial! if you listen to what everything the tv says your about half or legally retarded!


I wish to direct this message to the marketing dept,

A commercial has recently graced the airwaves of a boxer marching through his mansion advocating the truth and Direct TV.

At the end of this production what is possibly his son punches and elderly gentleman in his abdomen. By example all on the set exhibit a

smirk of approval as total disrespect is perfectly ok.

Your marketing firm is out of touch teaching us its ok to just hit anybody if you feel like it.

Personally I don't care but when somebody's kid punches somebody by example of your advertisement, don't say I didn't tell you when they

try to sue you.


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