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I recently tried to cancel my DTV service and turns out, when I upgraded to HD in February of this year and no one told me that I was signing on for an 18 month contract. I was told I would have to pay a $380 cancellation fee and there was nothing I could do about it.

No one verbalized it nor was it in any paperwork the day the service person came. So how did I agree to this? So I called then countless times and spoke to "customer service reps" who do nothing but tow the company line and know nothing. I then wrote a letter asking them to wave the ridiculous and unethical cancelation fee and for someone with some authority to please get back to me.

SO i get a message on my voice mail letting me know that they will be cancelling my service today and charging me the $380 fee. it's like no one really read the letter!!

These people are theives and it is so incredibly frustrating - what can we do about it????

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Nichols, New York, United States #19997

What can you do? Read your contract a bit better. It's plastered all over their website that everything extra now involves a 1-2 year commitment (contract).


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