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I subscribed to Direct TV after years of service with Verizon Fios (which by the way is awesome compared to DTV). Any at the time I signed up online and talked with a sales rep, I explained exactly what I wanted.

The ability to use ON DEMAND. Once I got installed, I called DTV regarding on demand, then did I learn that it requires internet connection which they don't provide, and get this, the satellite box that I purchased was not compatible with on demand feature. So why the *** did the rep issue me the wrong box, additionally they wanted me to pay $200 for the right box. I wish the *** I would, and was not willing to spread it out over the next few bills.

AFTER 2 months I couldn't take anymore I cancelled my service to then find out I was under a 2 year contract and would owe cancellation fees. a few weeks later $700 was deducted from my bank account unauthorized by DTV that really pissed me off.

Who in the *** do they think they are. STRAIGHT TRASH!!!!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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Have you tried calling All Star Communications? My experience with them was awesome!!

Their number is (817) 995-8180. Ask for Dave.

He seems like a good guy. Best of luck to you.