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I cannot begin to tell you how much this company has lied cheated and stole from me. They took 450 dollars out of my bank account without telling me. i am not sure if that is theft but i am going to find out and file criminal charges against them. i reported them to the FTC and they said if enough people complained then they could start some action.

i am going to write back with that number and call and complain. this company has to be stopped.

they stole $450 from me and i am calling them 450 times to complain and i would like for everyone else to do the same.

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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Well the representatives are the ones who are uneducated. they told me that i could cancel with no fee i even ask them twice and they said there would be no fee.

You can call them 5 times and you will get 5 different answers.

thank you for the information on them charging me each time i call i am not surprised. i am going to cancel the card i gave them and then they will have no way to charge me.


wow its sounds as if you are really petty there, you must have had an early cancelation fee or something, thus being part of the customer agreement that you agreed to by having the service, in order to have directv services you have to have a credit card for the reason that if you are to cancel the services the remaing balance and any early cancelation fees will be charged to your card. OR you must have had a high bill and you had the credit card to be charged monthly. By the "I am going to call 450 times" They can start charging you for calling $5 everytime, dont abuse representitives when its not their fault you did not educate yourself.

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