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I recently decided to install Direct TV at a boat dock where we keep a cruiser and spend weekends. It took an hour and a half on the phone with the sales rep to get set up for service and schedule installation because the rep screwed up my order and he had to cancel the original and resubmit a new one.

That was frustrating. The service tech called me Saturday morning to let me know he was on his way for the install. He showed up, scratched his head and scratched his *** and explained that he can't install a high def disc on the dock because it couldn't withstand the winds. I understand now that the high def disc is actually smaller and more wind effecient than the regualr disc.

But I didn't know at the time so I asked if he could give me the regular disc and reciever. Sure. Next issue: He didn't know how he would get high enough to install the mount in the proper area so a boat doesn't scrape it off while trying to dock. He didn't have a ladder.

He screwed around for a couple of hours. Managed to install the mount too low. Then he said he would have to quit for the day. Their system was down and there was no way for them to change the order, therefore no way to activate the box, therefore no reason to continue with the installation.

He assured me someone would be out between noon and 4:00 on Sunday.

So, we sat on the dock all day Sunday with our cranky toddler who is cutting molars. I called the installer around 3:00 because I hadn't heard from anyone... this being the guy that was there the day before.

He was off work but assured me that he issued a work order and that another installer would show. We waited until 4:00 and then until 5:00 and finally headed for home around 6:30.

I called direct TV and told them what happened. The customer service rep said I would have to contact the local installer to find out what is going on and have them fix it.

Two days of sitting around on a dock with a pissed-off toddler, 15 minutes to get ahold of a customer service rep and this is what he tells me. There is no way in *** I'm going through a bunch of their red tape to earn the privilage of giving them my money. So, enough is enough and I want to cancel. He has to transfer me to "that department." Then he hung up on me.

Second rep, had to go through the entire story again. She didn't want to deal with me (though I was being very patient and cordial) said she would need to speak with her supervisor and was putting me on hold but hung up. Third rep explained to me that there is no reason that they couldn't hang the high def off the dock (I already knew this because 3 of my neighbors have high def dishes and 2 of those three use Direct TV.) He explained that the installer was just being lazy and didn't want to do the install. Also, the installer could not have issued a new work order.

They would put a "hold" on the current order and I would have to reschedule.

So, a wasted weekend and a lot of hoops jumped through and I still don't have service. I canceled them to see if a competitor might be able to deliver.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Installation.

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Direct TV refussed to answer the cancelation lines weeks at a time. Long hold that never pick up.