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So we've had this crappy bs for about a week now, never has it worked. I never signed the contract because when they installed it, it never worked.

Now they're trying to give me a cancelation fee for something i never said i would keep and something that never worked.

After multiple times I was told I was told a technician would help in 24 hours, they would never come and they would ignore my calls. This is the worst company I've ever worked with and can't fathom the fact that anyone is using this useless piece of *** service.

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Worst customer service ever. 2 reps and the installer told me that if the dish could not be installed at our new location to tell customer service it was due to landlord refusal and there would be no cancellation fee - when I called to get the cancellation fee reversed they told me it would only be reversed if there was a technical problem - it's not their problem if the landlord won't let them put up the dish somewhere else on the property so it can get a signal.

Plus, instead of a 1 year commitment they switch you to a 2 year commitment if you upgrade your service. Of course none of this is in writing - they suck and I'll never use them again - plus other comments are right - their signal sucks a lot too!


:? never deal with them just found out my dads been paying for a year and a half for HD ad we never got any now that we found out they say its our fault and dont want remimburse us for all the free money we were tricked into giving them everyones on tough times but come on were on times like these and ccant pay for everything we want what the ***


the WORST service ever, it doesnt even have to be raining or snowing for it to go out, just a passing cloud will put you out. This *** is pathetic i would never recommmend them to anybody. Im glad i pay for for this *** just to get the 5 or 6 basic channels most of the time


you are so right!!! It is garbage.every time it rains or snows your out of service for hours. Then you have to reset the boxes.


Par for the course for Directv. The TV signal is excellent (when the weather is clear) but it is not worth dealing with their customer service. They NEVER keep their word

and never make notes about your issues for future reference because then you might catch their fibs.

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