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First of all, Direct TV flat out LIED to get me to sign a contract with them. They ran a credit check and told me I qualified for this bundle which would save me a ton of money and I had 30 days to cancel if I wasn't satisfied. Two days after my dish was installed they called to tell me I had to call the phone company (Sprint) to set that up (they said they were going to do that). I called and it turns out I don't qualify without giving them over a grand for an old cell phone bill I didn't pay when I was teenager. (the bill used to be $127.)I called Direct TV to ask why I was told that I qualified and that they were taking care of setting up the bundle. They said I should have known about the other bill. They also said I didn't qualify for all the credits and savings the bundle would have given me so it doubled my bill. I told them I was paying less with my old cable provider so I wanted to cancel the contract. They told me I had 24 hours to cancel and if I canceled then it would cost me $500.I reminded them that I had 30 days not 24 hours to cancel and they said the sales person misspoke...

fast forward to about 14 months later (nothing but trouble with DTV in those 14 months like them randomly adding packages to our contract and bill without us asking for them or without them asking us if we wanted them and still charging us for them even when we try to cancel them.)

My husband was laid off from his job and money got tight. Around the same time our Direct TV bill went from $55.00/month to $125.00/month. When I called them they said that it was combination of some bill credits expiring and rate increases. I don't know how it is legal that they can increase a rate mid contract but they did. I explained our financial situation and told them I needed a lower monthly bill or I have to cancel the service. They told me that they couldn't offer me any bill credits and the rate increase was due to stake hold expectations and there was nothing they could do about it. Cable is a luxury we just can't afford right now so I cancelled the contract and sent back the equipment. Then today I got a final bill in the mail and it states that if I haven't paid the bill in full within 15 days of the statement (4 days ago) they will just go ahead and charge my debit card. Hidden someplace in the customer agreement is a line saying they can take money out of my account if they feel like it and they can raise their rates at any time. Sorry you're eating ramen noodles every night kids, the millionaire stake holders want another yacht, and yes they are willing to take food off of your table to get it.

They are stealing from the poor and giving to the rich and somehow that is legal.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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you need to go online and change your credit card or checking account information immediately! I never store my information I always re-enter it every month because I don't want anyone having access to my money ever!


They did the same bull to me. But they said they didn;t recieve the equipment back.

I had to the tracking number and threw that at them. Then they pull $700.00 off my credit card without permission. I call my credit card company and raised ***, its against the law, baby! So my money was reinstated.

They they sent me to a collection agency, I had written to the BBB and my local state atty Office, and all the consumer agencys I could find, so when the collectors hounds called I told them this account was in dispute, gave the BBB dispute number and they couldn't wait to get off the phone with me, ha,ha because while the account is in dispute they can't do anything, or I would give them the number of the Atty General of my state and ask them to call her, she was still investigating this case, another conversation cut short ON THEIR PART. I think I was called by 10 collection agenties, then they just stopped after 6 mo's.

Don't give up, they know their rip offs. Don't pay them, there really not that powerful anymore, they won't sue because every judge even knows its a scam outfit.


The only thing you can do is close the account they have on file for you or change the # and make sure DTV does not get the new #. The sad thing is the law is on their side,DTV has been in business for many years and they know all the tricks in the book and and some that are not in there.

They are crooks through and through.Frankly,I'm suprised they even told you of their plans,most of the time they do not. Good Luck